The story of Stokkebye

On the idyllic, Danish island of Funen, in the small village of Bovense, beautifully surrounded by undulating green fields, you’ll find our vineyard and family home.

An unusual sight in a country so far North and quite uncommon to the Danish countryside. And that is exactly what you can expect to find here; a unique and exquisite fine food and wine experience.

The story of Stokkebye is a tale of a small family dynasty. Beginning with the marriage of Jacob and Helle, who began building something unique together. Unique in the diligence and resilience devoted to each day, which is what is required to make dreams come true. Unique, because there is nothing like it anywhere else in Denmark. And unique because, in all honesty, it really makes no sense to throw yourself into wine production in the cold north, although this proves what the Stokkebye family is made of. The result of the Stokkebye perseverance is a wine production, which is expected to reach about 20,000 bottles annually within a few years; the equivalent to a good winery in the French Champagne region. Similarly, the caviar is collected from the famous sturgeon, south of the border, from the oldest caviar house in the world. As always; only the very best will do in the genuine, uncompromising Stokkebye way.

The Stokkebye logo shows a tree with a falcon and a star in the background. This is no coincidence. The logo symbolizes the couple’s three children, where the eldest daughter, Liva, is the tree of life, the son Victor is the falcon – who oversees all from above – and their youngest daughter, Stella, is the star that sparkles and leads travelers on their way. A beautiful trinity that simultaneously shows how much family and unity mean in the Stokkebye story.

Jacob himself is one of the few in Denmark with a genuine butler training and has since worked at several Michelin restaurants in France, and later as the private chef at the Royal Family’s wine chateau in Cahors. Helle brings 20 years of international experience working with sustainable business models to the table and the wine production, where she ensures the wine is made to match the highest sustainability and organic principles. It is this knowledge and the love of food and wine that Jacob and Helle have taken from the wider world, back to the family home in Denmark.